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Pump track


The facility is a track with a series of obstacles with different gradients. The track is designed to accommodate anything on wheels: from mountain bikes to BMX bikes, skateboards, inline skates and more. With a combination of jumps with curves and inclines, the track is accessible to everyone. Users of the facility learn the ability to transfer momentum, balance, and speed by using their hands and feet to steer their bicycle or other. without needing to add extra speed. As the skills progress, users can change their routes on the track as well as use the different curves. The track is suitable for both young and advanced children. The track has been developed in such a way that various competitions can be held on it.


A solid asphalt concrete pavement was chosen for the road surface. Due to the large slopes and the frequent occurrence of two vertical curves or a horizontal with a vertical curve, the laying of the asphalt concrete must be done manually. Before the implementation of the asphalt concrete, it is planned to lay a foundation of crushed stone.

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