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The sensory path is a combination of images that stick to the floor covering. The images make up different games, instructing children to move through them. Games include movements such as jumping, balancing, spinning, one-legged hops, and more. Through a combination of unique graphic image design and interesting games, children can have fun while doing physical activity and releasing pent-up energy.

The specific project is a map of Bulgaria depicted in the colors of the Bulgarian flag. Steps are arranged around the map, which trace the steps of the typical Bulgarian "Pravo Horo". All steps are colored green and red, with the colors corresponding to left or right foot. White arrows are displayed in front of some of the steps to indicate forward foot movement. The steps follow the choro exactly, giving children the opportunity to learn about the Bulgarian traditional dance through play. Chorus steps follow an ellipse, allowing for continuous movement. Walking around the map of Bulgaria, the children get to know the geographical shape of the country, and by dancing traditional dances, the aim is to increase the children's attention to the traditions and customs of Bulgaria.


Overall dimensions 3.70/2.80 m. PVC foil was used to make the path, on which the design uniquely developed for the respective project was printed. All finished images are laminated with a special laminate designed to serve public buildings with high traffic. Installation is carried out according to a developed installation scheme on a well-cleaned base.

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