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Price for fabrication, delivery and installation: negotiable.


The sensory path is a combination of images that stick to the floor covering. The images make up different games, instructing children to move through them. Games include movements such as jumping, balancing, spinning, one-legged hops, and more. Through a combination of unique graphic image design and interesting games, children can have fun while doing physical activity and releasing pent-up energy.

The particular project is a path that takes children through the planets of the solar system, giving them the opportunity to step into the role of space explorers. Upon arrival at a given planet, children learn interesting facts about it. Two paths are planned between every two planets, one for arrival and one for departure. The paths are designed as interesting and colorful games composed of different cosmic bodies that can be traversed both individually and in teams. The path can be traversed in two directions, making it closed and allowing continuous passage if desired.


The area of the sensory path is 17.50 sq.m. and has overall dimensions of 20/2.5 m. To make the path, PVC foil was used, on which the design uniquely developed for the respective project was printed. All finished images are laminated with a special laminate designed to serve public buildings with high traffic. Installation is carried out according to a developed installation scheme on a well-cleaned base.

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