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The sensory path is a combination of images that stick to the floor covering. The images make up different games, instructing children to move through them. Games include movements such as jumping, balancing, spinning, one-legged hops, and more. Through a combination of unique graphic image design and interesting games, children can have fun while doing physical activity and releasing pent-up energy.

The specific project is a stylized image of a tree, the leaves of which are the Bulgarian alphabet and the numbers from one to ten. The leaf crown of the tree is arranged to form different paths and allows for a variety of games such as word formation, following the alphabet or numbers from one to ten and any other games that children can come up with.


Overall dimensions 3.60/1.90 m. To make the path, PVC foil was used, on which the design uniquely developed for the respective project was printed. All finished images are laminated with a special laminate designed to serve public buildings with high traffic. Installation is carried out according to a developed installation scheme on a well-cleaned base.

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