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Adventure Trail


The leading theme in the development of this playground is children's unstoppable desire for adventure. Through a combination of different facilities, we provide an opportunity for children to immerse themselves in an interesting world where adventure is not just a way to have fun, but a way to learn new things. There are facilities suitable both for children from 0 to 3 years old and for older children - from 3 to 12 years old. A fence is planned to be built around the playground, which separates the playing environment from the surrounding space. The playground is arranged with two no. entrance/exit with a free width of at least 1 m in order to ensure the free passage of a wheelchair as well as a stretcher for emergency medical care.


The playground is located on an area of 137.76 sq.m. (16.4x8.4 sq.m.) The playground is designed with shock-absorbing flooring made of rubber plates with dimensions of 40/40/3 cm. The laying of the plates is planned to be done on a smooth and hard base - reinforced concrete pavement - 10 cm. The concrete pavement is laid on a compacted earth base and a 20 cm thick crushed stone base. The pavement and concrete slab end with a garden border. A fence made of a metal supporting structure and wooden fence elements is planned to enclose the site.


Combined children's facility - 1 unit

Children's swing - 1 piece

Children's climbing equipment - 1 piece

Children's balance device - 1 piece

Children's puzzle game facility - 1 piece

Children's game "Telephone" - 1 piece

Trash can - 2 pieces

Bench - 2 pieces

The children's playground is designed in accordance with the requirements of REGULATION No. 1 of January 12, 2009 on the terms and conditions for the device and safety of playgrounds.

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