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The main goal in designing this playground is to provide a budget product that provides the necessary functionality at a low cost. The construction of a fence is not planned for the playground, which means that it must be located in a park environment, a pedestrian zone or a square space. Facilities suitable for children from 3 to 12 years of age were used. . ​


The playground is located on an area of 63.80 sq.m. (6.8x9.6 sq.m.) The playground is designed with shock-absorbing flooring made of rubber plates with dimensions of 40/40/2 cm. It is planned that elements of the flooring will be filled with paving. Laying of the slabs is planned to be done on a smooth and solid base - reinforced concrete pavement - 10 cm. The concrete pavement is laid on a compacted earth base and a 20 cm thick crushed stone base. The pavement and concrete slab end with a garden border.


Combined children's facility - 1 unit

Children's swing - 1 piece

Trash can - 2 pieces

Bench - 3 pieces

The children's playground is designed in accordance with the requirements of REGULATION No. 1 of January 12, 2009 on the terms and conditions for the device and safety of playgrounds.

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