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Outdoor classrooms 2


The main goal in the design of the classrooms is to provide an opportunity for outdoor learning. These classes are a prerequisite for increasing the enthusiasm among the students, generated by the more exciting presentation of the learning material. Also, the use of this type of classrooms can ensure an increase in distance and a decrease in the number of contacts between children in critical conditions.

The facility is a combination of four classrooms. It is planned that two of them will be open type without enclosing walls and without dense roof covering. The other two classrooms will be partially closed with an option to fully close, depending on instructional needs. For them, it is planned that one of the walls will be solid, and the other three walls will consist of movable glass partitions, which, if necessary, can close the entire volume of the room. A metal roof structure covered with glass panels is planned for these two rooms. During non-school hours, the facility can be used as an outdoor space for meals, recreation, or extracurricular activities or events.

Each of the rooms has a capacity of 30. Sitting places .


The facility is located on an area of 255.00 sq.m. (circle with diameter = 17.50 m.).

The construction is mixed and consists of monolithic reinforced concrete foundations in combination with a metal structure. The finishing layer of the flooring will be made of natural stone.


Arch type student bench - 4 pieces

Straight student bench - 8 pieces

Student table - 4 pieces

Teacher's chair - 4 pieces

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