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Traffic Safety Office 2


The main goal in developing the playground is to provide an opportunity for teenagers to learn basic traffic rules while playing outside. Several types of basic intersections are designed on the site, covering almost every possible real-world situation. When traffic safety measures are not active, the site can be used for play or as a bicycle track. Portable road signs and traffic lights can also be provided to provide as realistic an environment as possible.


The site is located on an area of 625.00 sq.m. (25.0x25.0 sq.m.). The solution is road marking paint colored in different colors in combination with artificial grass. The application of the paint is intended to be done on a smooth base - asphalt pavement - 6 cm. The asphalt pavement is laid on a compacted earth base and a 20 cm thick crushed stone base. The pavement ends with a garden border.

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